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1. Device Settings
Manage device settings and message contacts under the
My Devices tab. Your Ultimate Life Jacket GPS can have a total of 10 mobile phone numbers and/or email addresses. Remember changing your tracking preferences will require you to update your device, using the Ultimate Life Jacket Device Updater.

2. S.O.S. Alerts
S.O.S. alerts are directed to GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center. GEOS will coordinate and send emergency services to your GPS coordinates.
The S.O.S. button should only be used in life-threatening situations.For non-life-threatening situations, press the Help/Ultimate Life Jacket Assist button. Pressing this button will send an alert to the contacts you assigned to your Help/Ultimate Life Jacket Assist message profile or your Ultimate Life Jacket Assist providers (depending on your service plan).

3. Device Updater
Make sure your device is ready to go!
Use the Ultimate Life Jacket Device Updater to ensure the latest device settings and firmware are stored on your device.

4. Test It Out
Place the Ultimate Life Jacket GPS outdoors, logo side up, with a clear view of the sky. Once the Ultimate Life Jacket GPS acquires your position, the GPS LED will start blinking for a few minutes and stop. Then the Message LED will start blinking for a few minutes and stop. This process will repeat three times signifying that your GPS coordinates are being transmitted. Confirm your message was received by your message contact(s).
More Ultimate Life Jacket GPS Tips are available in the Ultimate Life Jacket GPS User Manual.

5. Ultimate Life Jacket App
View your tracks anywhere at any time with the Ultimate Life Jacket App. With the Ultimate Life Jacket App, you can easily view your Ultimate Life Jacket messages, track progress, or monitor assets on the go from the convenience of your smartphone.

My Devices

  • Social Networking
  • Tracking
  • Movement Alerts Disabled
  • Dock Mode Disabled
  • Third Party GPS Forwarding Disabled
  • Check In/Ok
  • Custom
  • Help/Ultimate Life Jacket Assist
  • S.O.S.


How often do you want your device to send GPS coordinates?

Please note: Modifying certain device settings requires a manual update, using the SPOT Device Updater.

Movement Alerts

Select your Movement Alert rate. This rate determines the amount of time the device must be stationary before a Movement Alert is sent.

Movement Alerts are disabled.

Please note Modifying certain device settings requires a manual update, using the SPOT Device Updater.

Dock Mode

Dock Mode is designed for monitoring assets that are constantly moving within a specified area, such as a boat on the water. When Dock Mode is enabled, the device will send a Movement Alert when movement is detected over 200 meters (approximately 600 feet) in distance essentially establishing a fence around your asset. Once the asset moves over 200 meters (approximately 600 feet), SPOT sends tracking messages.

When the asset is within the perimeter, Tracking is in standby mode. In standby mode, your device collects GPS coordinates, but does not send tracking messages.

SPOT recommends that you line power the device when in Dock Mode.

Note: Dock Mode may slow down Movement Alerts due to the vibration sensor being modified to account for constant motion.

Dock Mode is disabled.

Please note Modifying certain device settings requires a manual update, using the SPOT Device Updater.

Third Party GPS Forwarding

Forward a third party web-based application your GPS coordinates generated by your SPOT device.

Third Party Access is disabled.

Enter third party Identification Code(this code will be provided by your third party provider)

Check In/OK

Edit Check In/OK message profile.



Edit Custom message profile.


Help/SPOT Assist

Edit Help/SPOT Assist message profile.

Note: If you have selected SPOT Assist Services for Roadside/Maritime, pressing the Help/SPOT Assist button will alert the national response centers for the applicable services.


There is no message to edit for the S.O.S. alert. S.O.S. alerts along with your GPS coordinates are routed directly to GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center.

The S.O.S. button should only be used in life-threatening situations.

The ability to send S.O.S. alerts to GEOS is covered in your SPOT service plan. However, the cost associated with rescue efforts are billed directly to the user. Make sure you’re covered in the event of emergency with the GEOS Search & Rescue Member Benefit.

Provide additional information if there is anything else we should know…
Emergency contact numbers must be different from the account holder's phone number entered in Step 2 in registering this device. This is required to provide the emergency response center with additional points of contact in an S.O.S./911 emergency.
Your Primary Emergency Contact

Your Secondary Emergency Contact

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